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March 15, 2021

Why Your Wedding Album Matters

Everything is in constant flux and nowadays it’s even more evident. Being professional photographers we remember the data storage transitions from floppies, to CDs to DVDs, then USBs. Social media changed everything once more and Cloud storage promised access anywhere at any time.⠀Most things keep changing, but some are perennial. Wedding album is such items. When you go through those pages a special feel returns. You can place your hand near a real, glossy imagine with texture and feel it.⠀

Wedding album solves problems

Experience shows that wedding photographs will be looked through three times on average. And that’s in one year. Despite all the latest technology we have, it’s still cumbersome to pull out the photographs from your laptop. And then there are numbers… It’s interesting to watch about 50 photographs, but we’ll give you around 500 of them.⠀

The wedding album is an elegant way to solve all that. We handpick 50 to 80 most extravagant, meaningful, and emotional photographs. We print them on high quality paper and bind them into your personal Wedding Photography book. You can choose from different album cover colours and materials.

We create luxury wedding albums in different sizes, contact us to mix and match the perfect collection of services and products for you!

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