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March 19, 2021

Come Celebrate Our Website Launch With Us!

Finally we’ve built and launched a new virtual home of our dreams for our brand, our beloved couples, the most awesome clients, and vendors to come and visit us anytime. We invite you to celebrate our website launch!

It might sound a bit over the top to be calling your website your home. But that’s how we saw this project from the beginning, and I’ll tell you more in a bit. Just want to note that our relationships with personal websites go a long way back. It’s time to clear things up with a bit of honesty.

We were never happy with our past website. I know it’s common among high performers to never be satisfied, that’s what drives them. But our website was something much… Worse? To the end where we thought it doesn’t mean much so we kept pushing hard on social media instead. We would send your potential clients to our Instagram instead of the website. It was neglect and a blind spot. So, we came around and finally decided to make things right.

After all, anyone who loves their craft, anyone who directly depends on what they do, anyone who is close to their customers knows that creating that perfect website is… HARD, if not impossible. Planning, picking, spending, rethinking, redoing, launching, tweaking… In the mental effort it takes, it’s somewhat similar to building a physical house of your dreams where you want to invite all the friends and relatives you love.

So back to the website. The update was long due. Our services changed, we changed, the world changed. For a while, we were dreaming about a website full of life, a place where it’s interesting and rewarding to spend time. A place where you can get an idea and a feeling of who we are and what we truly do. You will find more by visiting ABOUT US page

So we invite you now to cut the ribbon and uncork the experience. It’s our true new virtual home. We’re happy over the moon. Do take a look at the photographs we picked, it wasn’t easy. Read the stories told by us and others, it’s all true.

A website is so much more than a social media profile. That’s another thing we realized. Social media is just a channel that you can flip through in seconds and get lost for hours. But there, everyone starts to blend into each other, creating this cacophony and competition for your attention.

Our new website, on the other hand, appreciates you. It values the time you spend there, directs your attention to what’s meaningful. It can inspire you to dream and to think if we’re a good match to photograph your wedding.

We are back to owning our own channel that follows our rules and does not simply go along with algorithms. Nothing is permanent, especially in the digital age we live in. However, some things are more everlasting than others. Possibly a website is the most perennial representation of your creative self, second only to a physical photo album.

Have any questions? Please feel free to CONTACT us.

Thank you to the partners who made this launch possible! Shout out to Tonic Site Shop and The Website Workroom.

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  1. zoe says:

    Congratulations guys, looks fantastic! Thank you for capturing the best day of our lives!
    Zoe and Mike 💕

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