We choose to be your wedding photographers!

Oh, what a rude headline for our first blog post! Sorry for that. We did not mean to offend anyone. Let’s be clear. This blog post will be about You, even though we will be speaking more about us. At the end we will get to the point that will explain the outrageousness of this headline. So, stay with us ’till the end.


A crazy passion for life, each other and our family led us to choose to live a life that we adore! We are free to choose the pace of life that is comfortable for us – our life is not limited by the commute from home to work and back, from one wedding to another or by trying to earn a decent amount of money. We love to overstep the boundaries of what others think is normal. For us, normal is doing things that break logic. Walking on the edge, even stress or anxiety–that is what triggers our abilities and talents as well as attracts people that live similar lifestyle. Sometimes even vice versa – it attracts people who want to live like that but their circumstances do not allow them to. We like to be an inspiration to both sides. We are so in love with the life we live that we want to maintain this “volatile” status quo forever! And we can do that only by connecting with the people that we inspire as well as with the ones that we admire. Our passion for a real life, raw people and human connections gives us freedom of mind to create real stories without being better than we are and also to show you the way you are. This is the joy of life we want to share with you.


This blog is not meant to show our portfolio but rather to give you the opportunity to see who we really are. We want to share with you the values that we believe in. The moment you fall in love with us as much as you have fallen in love with our work, answer a question: are you ready to be yourself on your wedding day? If the answer is yes – then we will be honored to be Your wedding photographers!

/More real stories from us are coming up, so stay tuned!