„Living busy, but easy“- this is how we want our life to be described. May was just like that. Living at ease was brought to our hearts & minds by fantastic sunny and warm weather that we enjoyed here in Lithuania. We could enjoy staying late in the evenings on the terrace watching kids playing outside. Fantastic time at home celebrating our 13thmarriage anniversary & our son’s 12thbirthday. But even in the dream life you are faced with some obstacles that you believe will never arise. So we had to face adolescence at its peak.  It took us time to find the tone of voice that could be heard and would touch the heart of a teenager. The most interesting part of living with children is you yourself  growing as a person. It is like a lifetime university – you cannot graduate because each year you understand that the curriculum is not over yet. Yes, very hard and challenging but oh so interesting. The best decision or moral that came out of it is that we decided to stay with our family as much as possible, travel the world together to all of our destinations ,  because we do not want any regrets later in life. We are so excited about this decision!  Let our family go Captain Fantastic! I think it will bring new colours to our professional life as well.


The month of May was rewarding from a professional perspective.  It was a month of Italy. We were welcomed by Rome & Amalfi coasts this spring. Rome was very special for us as we were invited to photograph a very intimate wedding there. That kind of moments make our work so meaningful! It is an honour to be a part of such intimate celebrations.




Amalfi coast is no less important in our professional life. We photographed our first destination wedding there 4 years ago.This spring our stunning, successful & charismatic couple Aiste & Nerijus has fulfilled one of our goals – to photograph wedding in Caruso Hotel. Super gorgeous wedding with a perfection worth couple – the Amalfi Cathedral for the Ceremony, the Villa Cimbrone for the photoshoot & the Belmond Caruso for the reception.



It was our first business trip with our kids. I have only one question in my head –  why didn’t we do that before? That feeling when you come back after wedding and these two are waiting for you  – makes every single place on earth your HOME…



After all the adventures, we are back home with many beautiful local weddings in sight. Including a very inspiring wedding format for newlyweds who want to enjoy their wedding evening together – a wedding lunch with guests and intimate evening just for two. In-between the work on “field”, tons of editing, meetings, phone calls and letters. We managed to develop a PLAN, a SCHEDULE & a TIMELINE. Creatives will understand why we are so excited! Is it perfect? Well, it’s long since we understood that perfection is a term that should be deleted from the dictionary. But I think it will work for upcoming months in order to make us & our couples happy!


 And to end, some good things non related to work in May were:

TV Show: „My kitchen rules“. I think I could even fall in love with cooking.

Book:  Eckhart Tolle “ New Earth“.

Movie: „Me before You“. Feminine part of our team cried during the whole flight from Istanbul to Rome watching it.

Music: The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open ft. Beck

Quote: Decide what it is you want. Write that shit down. Make a fucking plan. And…Work on it EVERY SINGLE DAY.